Ticket Application 2019

How to attend the event?



Register to get a chance to obtain one of our 100 strictly limited tickets as soon as the registration time starts.


Get confirmation to be part of the lucky 100 to attend the event.
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Purchase your ticket on the event site. You can only pay in cash. The check-in starts two hours before the official start.


Attend our event, interact with our speakers and other attendees. Share videos with your friends after the event. On the event, everyone will receive their individual name badge, that includes an interesting fact about the person to break the ice.

The following question are voluntarily and will help us to understand the dynamics of our event and to improve for the future.

Your answer to these questions will not affect your application in any way.

These questions will be consided for your application for one of our 100 tickets.

State your answer in a maximum of three to five sentences. You can answer in German or English. Please be consistent in your language choice.

  • Personal Data
  • Voluntary Questions
  • Application Questions

Contact Information

Your first and last name

Your E-Mail address

Your telephone number

Your Address (Country, Post Code and Address)


Are you a student?

If so: Which uni do you attend? What is your current subject and semester?

If not: What is your current job, occupation, ...?

Have you attended other TEDx Events before?


How did you get to know TEDxUniMannheim?

Your ideas:

What is a topic that you would like to hear about at a TEDx Event?

Is there anything else you would like to mention?

General question

Do you know what the tagline (mission) of TED is? If so, what is it?

Event specific questions

Do you remember a situation were you “spoke up” for someone?

In one or two words, for what cause/person/thing/etc. would you “speak up”? [This will be shown on your name badge.]

Why would you “speak up” for your (above mentioned) cause/person/thing/etc. ?