Speakers 2022


Mirijam Trunk

What's the word for that? Change starts with language

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"Mirijam Trunk is a successful journalist and the Chief Sustainability & Diversity Officer RTL Deutschland. From her publishing experience, Trunk knows very well that words are a powerful tool that needs to be handled with care, empathy, and cautiousness. The significance of how language shapes the world around us is the focus of her talk"

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Montana Martinez

We share the success – but often not the failure!

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"Montana Martinez is a young, ambitious founder of the mentorship start-up "Young Female" from Cologne. With prominent supporters like Tijen Onaran and her network "Global Digital Women", Montana wants to encourage young female professionals on their career path. Being a role model herself, she will reveal parts of her personal story in her talk"

Photo by: Andrea Heinsohn Photography

Prof. Stefan Reichelstein

What's up with Paris climate goals?

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"Prof. Stefan Reichelstein (Mannheim/Stanford) is one of the world's top management researchers, with regular publications in leading international journals. As part of his leadership of the Mannheim Institute for Sustainable Energy Studies, he focuses on the greatest challenge of our time. His talk will provide up-to-date, scientific insights into the question"

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Jannis Birth

The secret of the nutrient explosion

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"Jannis Birth, is author and co-founder of the growth-neutral food start-up AHO near Hanover. Already at the beginning of his sports studies, he dealt with the fundamental question of a healthy and at the same time ethical diet. He studied scientific journals, learned from indigenous peoples in Latin America and, by chance, finally came across unbelievable findings. He reports on his discovery in the talk"

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Pia Kabitzsch

Online dating - is success just a swipe away?

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"Pia Kabitzsch, psychologist and host of the successful funk channel psychologeek, where she explains exciting psychological phenomena in an entertaining and accessible way. As the author of the book "It's a date!", she has looked at our current - often complicated - dating behaviour from a scientific perspective. Framed by the ups and downs of her own experiences, she dedicates her talk to the generational topic"

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Creating a multisensory album

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"BÄR is an adventurer from head to toe. Growing up in SriLanka, Pakistan and Thailand, he moves to his home country of Germany to pursue studies and a career as an independent artist. His story is as layered and colorful as his music. For BÄR, every album is a chance for a new adventure. His latest one is titled 'MAGIC TEA', combining 8 timeless artpop tunes with a color-changing herbal tea for a one-of-a-kind multisensory experience. In an age of music defined by algorithms, BÄR gives his audience something refreshingly human. music that is felt deeply and delivered with artistic integrity. In his talk BÄR takes you behind the scenes on his 'MAGIC TEA' adventure."

Photo by: @a.poulains