Former Partners 2017

We are proud to have the following partners to be part of our TEDxUniMannheim journey.

Premium Partners


Reckitt Benckiser “RB”

Health. Hygiene. Home.
Reckitt Benckiser “RB” is the world's leading consumer health and hygiene company. Every day, across 60 countries, we work with the best people to challenge conventional thinking and strive to find even better ways to give people innovative solutions for healthier lives and happier homes. That's how we generate the game-changing ideas that built 19 iconic powerbrands around the world - well-loved names such as Dobendan, Nurofen, Sagrotan, Durex, Scholl, Clearasil, Calgon, Finish and Vanish. High impact, consumer-led research is the heart of the company's success. Ranked in the TOP 20 on the London Stock Exchange, our relentless drive to outperform has trebled our revenue since 2000 and quadrupled our market cap.


Callies & Schewe Kommunikation GmbH

Authentic Communication
Quicker, more direct, more critical: The networked world poses entirely new challenges on business, brands and communication. You see it every day. As a member of the executive board, as CMO, CDO, in marketing or human resources, in sales, public relations or event planning. As trained journalists, we established this agency for you in 2008. Our mission: Making B2B marketing more entertaining, useful and relevant with authentic content.



Anticipate. Innovate. Deliver.
KPMG is a global network of audit and advisory firms. In Germany, KPMG operates more than 20 branch offices, employing around 9,800 employees. KPMG International's member firms have 174,000 employees working in 155 countries around the world – and we are growing continuously. For more information and our careers portal please visit Our colleagues look forward to hearing from you.



Megatrend GmbH

Corporation for Information Management, Consulting and Financial Advisory
Megatrend GmbH has been the partner of medium-sized firms and start-ups for 30 years. They support companies with strategic information, business planning and company funding



Alpha Shirts

Alpha Shirts
For now 20 years we are a reliable partner for textile finishing. We offer high quality textile printing in Mannheim for handcraft and industry as well as clubs and private events.



Eismanufaktur Mannheim
For almost thirty years now, Dario Fontanella is devoted to continue his family tradition with heart and soul and Italian passion: ice cream.With more than 200 different flavors of ice cream the customer´s decision at the ice cream counter is not always the easiest. All ingredients are natural products, the fruits are delivered fresh every day and everything is grown in the country and the region, where it grows and matures best. Lemons, oranges and pistachios from Sicily, saffron from Iran, hazelnuts from Piedmont, from France comes the Valrhona-chocolate, and milk and cream Fontanella draws from the Bavarian Berchtesgaden.



Precious nature for precious lives
The name Pfanner stands for one family, one company, one brand and one philosophy: to do our utmost to produce quality products from nature's gifts. Our philosophy centres around people and their needs; in our case these consist of taste, enjoyment, health and refreshment. As a result, we apply rigid quality standards to every step in the production process and enforce these through a constant system of quality assurance and monitoring. This means we always exercise extreme care, from selecting and processing choice fruit to filling or bottling the finished product. Innovation, further development and continual improvement - both in the form of new products and new experiences of enjoyment as well as an enormous range of enhancements - are, we feel, the expression of a lively managed brand. This approach, we feel, has proved its value: in the course of 150 years, Pfanner has won over the trust of millions of consumers.


Die perfekte Eintrittskontrolle
For more than 20 years, Kontrollarmband has been the specialist in the field of identification and labeling wristbands. Not only traditional Control Bracelets made of vinyl or textile but also SecurBands made of Tyvek® make for a vast range of applications. They are frequently used at events like concerts and festivals, but also in the hotel industry and the hospital sector. To round off the program, Kontrollarmband also offers lanyards, key holders, document holders, and rain ponchos.



Stay connected – Benefit from a huge network!
ABSOLVENTUM is an essential link between the University of Mannheim and all those who feel an affinity for the University. As the biggest alumni network of Germany, we have more than 7,000 members worldwide. The advantages of our network are as diverse as our members. We use a 3-pillar model to create different ways of proximity and accessibility for our members:
  • Career and profession, e.g. career services for students and young professionals
  • Cultural and cross-disciplinary field, e.g. close cooperation with different cultural institutions
  • Social responsibility, e.g. support of study and research conditions at the University of Mannheim

Are you curious? We look forward to your membership!


Leonard Hotels

more than 120 hotels
LEONARDO HOTELS is the European division of Fattal Hotels Group, founded by David Fattal in Israel. Leonardo Hotels has been present with over 65 hotels in more than 35 destinations on the European market since 2007. Spanning Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherland, Great Britain, Spain, Hungary as well as Italy, the hotel group stands for hotels with unique ambiance, their own regional character and individual appeal. Leonardo Hotels is committed to promoting junior talent and developing professional and managerial staff. The proprietary Leonardo Academy gives 2,500 members of staff the opportunity to grow their personal skills in development programmes.

4C_waagerecht_auf_Schwarz_Verlauf.eps (150 JPG)


Premium beer
Warsteiner Brewery, founded in 1753, is one of the largest private breweries in Germany. Its flagship is the Warsteiner Premium Verum brand, one of the most popular beer brands in Germany and the world’s No. 1 imported premium Pilsener among German privately held breweries. The Warsteiner Group sells its products in more than 60 countries worldwide.



Overcoming Boundaries
TEDxHeidelberg is an event that celebrates intellectual curiosity in a sparkling city full of ideas and great minds. At TEDxHeidelberg we’re passionate about nourishing ideas and innovations. Heidelberg itself already offers a unique atmosphere, which connects tradition and innovation, being home to Germany’s oldest university, several international famous research facilities, as well as major companies. TEDxHeidelberg uses this enormous potential to offer a lively and brain teasing experience for every participant.





Below the surface
TEDxDHBWMannheim is an event that celebrates intellectual curiosity in a city full of ideas and great minds. At TEDxDHBWMannheim we’re passionate about nourishing ideas and innovations. Mannheim itself already offers a unique atmosphere, which connects tradition and innovation. TEDxDHBWMannheim uses this enormous potential to offer a lively and brain teasing experience for every participant.

Want to be part of something extraordinary?

Our event brings together people with special mindsets enabling them to get inspired by others. The unique concept of TEDx does not only aim at bringing together highly motivated students as well as experienced professionals. It also aims at sparking real interest and changing the way the audience thinks.

We are always looking for financial and supply partners.

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Be part of something out of the ordinary.

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